7 Insightful Bits from the Web to Sum Up Everyone’s Week

Insightful articles, news on creativity and the markets, and exceptionally moving content shared this week you might have missed.

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Handshakes, Contact Tracing, and Getty’s Creative Grants

A quick-read of interesting stories and useful resources, with this week's features including new government advice and cash grants from Getty Images.

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5 Blogs on Creativity I’m Reading In Lockdown

My current picks for some casual reading to keep updated and inspired while keeping safe and working remotely.

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How To Avoid Wasted Time That Sabotages Shoots

If you're looking to streamline your production, minimise risks, and make sure that you meet your objectives and come home feeling great about having successfully produced your…

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The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Negotiating with Photographers

Can you remember the last time you had to negotiate with a supplier? It probably was quite an easy and straightforward experience, although you may have been unlucky...

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5 Things Photographers Wish Clients Knew

It’s not easy opening up to the people who hire you. But I found that honest communication is key, often resulting in better working environments, more relaxed conditions on set,…

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Top 12 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Photographer

When you’re drowning in options with a mix of past hires, scouted talent, and applications, how do even decide who to pick?

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7 Uses for Visual Content You Need To Exploit

There may be uses for content from past projects you have at the ready that you may not have considered!

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Creative Production Tips for Fresh Talent

The task and responsibility of managing interactions and expectations, streamlining production, and coordinating multiple stakeholders and suppliers is no small feat.

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7 Need to Know Content Marketing Facts for 2018

Humans are very visual creatures, we depend on imagery immensely when seeking information or making decisions that there are entire industries built around the research and…

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