Print Portfolio 2020

I’ve just received my brand spankin’ new printed portfolio book courtesy of Saal Digital. Their premium line of Professional Photobooks are a great option if you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality print outfit with solid delivery, reasonable pricing and excellent customer service.

Superb Print Quality

I love the clarity, sharpness and colour rendition that they deliver on all their prints, and the professional line photobooks take it to the next level. My photos come through with stunning vibrance without oversaturation, and the layouts translate well from their software to the printed page. I was able to express my creative side really easily when putting this together, and the images look great in their sequencing.

Fine Leather Feel

To (literally) wrap it all up, I had my photobook wrapped in a fine grained black leatherette. A classic choice that suits the timelessness of my work, it was a hard decision between this and the wood grain effect. I had thought about having a photo printed on the front but opted to go for plain leather for a more traditional feel to contrast with the bright and bubbly images inside my book. The print quality is spot on at this touch point as well, with sharp clear and easy to read text emblazoned on the cover and spine.

Saal Digital‘s delivered yet another stunning piece of fine craftsmanship to my collection. You should check out their website to see their current offering, they really do have something for everyone!

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